Monday, September 10, 2018

Week 3 Part 2

  1. Inner Decay
  3. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  4. Facebook: July 10, Twitter: August 31, Instagram: September 10
  5. I have noticed that this particular business uses Instagram primarily. 

1. King Shelter
3. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Spotify
4. Instagram: September 9, Facebook: April 12, Twitter: August 31, Soundcloud and Spotify: Unknown
5. Much like the other brand, Instagram seems to be the most frequently posted on platform.

1. Pure Noise Records
3. YouTube, Bandcamp
4. Both are updated almost every day.
5. It seems as though they do not plug their social media accounts to their website since their website was so easy to find. 

1. Vans
3. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pintrest, Tumblr
4. Facebook: September 10, Twitter: September 6, YouTube: September 10, Instagram: September 10, Pinterest: Unknown, Tumblr: September 10
5. Vans, being such a massive company, does not struggle in keeping up with their social media accounts across platforms. 

1. Thrasher Magezine
3. YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
4. Youtube: September 10, Twitter: September 10, Instagram: September 10, Facebook: September 10
5. All platforms have been updated all at the same time.

Going in and doing research on my favorite brands' websites has showed me almost exactly what I would have thought. Many larger companies such as Thrasher Mag and Vans have all of their accounts relatively up to date. Some of the smaller, lesser-known brands such as King Shelter and Inner Decay did not have Facebook updated. None of my friends or people in my age group really use Facebook. I know that these lesser known brands really look toward my age group as their main demographic, making Instagram and Twitter their number one platforms. 

I was surprised to see how Pure Noise Records didn't have any of their accounts readily available. They did have their YouTube channel plugged with many different videos ready to be viewed. These videos were from bands signed to the label. 

Week 3 Part 1

While browsing the internet, I occasionally come across a website that is difficult to use. I find it quite ironic how Blogger wasn't easy to use at first. Anyways, every business wants a nice, sleek, easy to look at and easier to navigate website. Social media, in some cases make it much easier to get noticed. I find a lot of different clothing brands and other artists that way. Social media allows for you to connect to the brands using comments and direct/personal messaging, whereas some websites do not offer those means of communication. 

I had recently found a clothing brand called Inner Decay and decided to message them. I was easily and almost immediately directed to the owner's personal account where I had let him know how much I enjoyed his products. He was able to reach me and message me back within a few hours. 

One of my favorite comedians Ethan Klein once said, "You can safely read the first three comments. After that, you're entering Hell." He's basically saying that if you read all of your comments, no matter how many, a lot of them are going to put you down. I learned from personal experience that comments are meant to be left to your subscribers or followers. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

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To anyone who is reading this, you should know that I have no idea how to use this website. I feel like I'm figuring it out slowly as I work on it more. Anyways, after flipping through a couple of the templates, I found this one. It has a cool sort of sleek design and my post will show up directly in the center.
I believe that since this blog will be used primarily for me to complete assignments, I don't need anything fancy where I can describe myself and develop a more personal blog. I feel as though if my comments and my posts are front and center, it would be ultimately more efficient and well designed for its purpose.
I had chosen a cool black and white design because I feel like that reflects my personality and it is easy to look at. As an employee at Vans, I always tell people to get black and white shoes because they go with everything.

Week 3 Part 2

Inner Decay Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Facebook: July 10, Twitter: August 31, Instagram: September 10 I have ...